The United States is bolstering its military aid to Israel: A stern warning to Iran and Algeria

The United States Senate has approved military support of $13 billion for Israel. Responding to this, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz stated that this aid « represents a clear affirmation of the strength of our alliance and sends a powerful message to all our enemies. »

This substantial American military aid to Israel is seen by analysts as a clear message to Iran and Algeria. Including advanced missile defense technologies and cutting-edge military equipment, this aid underscores Washington’s determination to support Israel’s security amid escalating tensions in the Middle East.

The American strategic move is also part of a broader foreign policy framework where the USA seeks to counter Iranian influence in the region, especially in response to increased activity by the Tehran regime in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, as well as its ties to radical groups such as Hamas.

Through this military aid, the United States reaffirms its commitment to Israel’s and regional security while signaling to Iran and its allies, including Algeria, the American willingness to limit actions perceived as destabilizing.

This American support comes at a time when the Algerian military regime is showing increasing closeness with the Mullahs, which could alter the balance in the region.

Iran currently poses a major threat due to its nuclear program and support for terrorist groups like Lebanese Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, Hamas, as well as various militias in Syria and Iraq.

Iran’s position as a regional Shiite power and its ambitions to project influence in predominantly Sunni areas, including North Africa, are sources of concern for Western countries, African nations, and even other moderate Arab nations.

Algeria’s alignment with Iran on these issues raises concerns about the spread of Iranian influence and the encouragement of radical movements in the region.

The West perceives Algeria as part of this alliance, which increases tensions with countries that see Hamas as a threat to peace and security.

Similarly, the escalation of conflict between Israel and Hamas, fueled by increased support from Iran and Algeria, will have serious humanitarian consequences for civilian populations, Israeli and Palestinian, thereby exacerbating crises in the region.