African Development Bank Grants $27 Million for Inclusive Urban Sanitation Project in Mozambique

The African Development Bank (AfDB) granted a $27 million donation to Mozambique on Tuesday, November 14, for the implementation of the Inclusive Urban Sanitation Project in the city of Chimoio (center).

According to a statement from the AfDB, this financial support falls within the framework of Pillar I of the Transition Support Facility. It is specified that the AfDB’s intervention in this country is expected to gradually contribute to reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases, decreasing river and soil pollution, while promoting value creation along the sanitation services chain, including the reuse of water and treated sludge for agricultural purposes.

In this context, the residents of Chimoio will benefit from higher-quality and climate-resilient sanitation facilities that safely manage their wastewater and fecal sludge through nature-based solutions.

The project will also provide technical assistance to enhance the capacity of the municipality of Chimoio in managing facilities and providing sustainable sanitation services, involving small businesses or sanitation operators, according to the same source.

Finally, the statement specifies that the target area of the project is the municipality of Chimoio, the capital of the Manica province. This city, an economic and logistical hub located 1,100 kilometers north of Maputo, the capital, is situated in the Beira transport corridor, serving the region and acting as a crucial platform for railway, road, and air transport.