The military takes over security at the Presidential Palace following the departure of AMISOM from Somalia

The Somali authorities have formally taken over the security of the Presidential Palace and the Federal Parliament, marking the end of the 16-year presence of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) at the seat of the country’s power. The transfer ceremony at Villa Somalia was overseen by General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhidiin of the Somali National Army, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Palace, Mr. Abdihakim Mohamed Yusuf, and representatives from the African Union and the United Nations in Somalia.

President Mohamud commended the 77th brigade of the Somali National Army for assuming the responsibility of securing the country’s leaders, emphasizing that it reflects the restoration of the capacity and strength of the Somali National Armed Forces. General Muhidiin expressed gratitude to the commanders and soldiers of AMISOM who supported the security of the country’s leaders over the years during his visit to the troops guarding the Presidential Palace.

Deployed in Somalia since 2007, AMISOM’s mission was to assist the Somali government in combating the militant group Al-Shabab and restoring stability and peace. The spokesperson for AMISOM stated that the mission will continue to provide training, mentoring, and logistical support to the Somali security forces until the expiration of its mandate in 2024.

Additionally, the Somali army, in collaboration with U.S. forces, successfully conducted a drone operation resulting in the elimination of a leader and several members of the terrorist group Al-Shabab in the Middle Juba region.